Commonwealth College offers one year programs in Canada and is registered as a Private Vocational Institute under the Private Vocational Institutes Act and is a member of the Manitoba Association of Career Colleges and National Association of Career Colleges.

Locally, we continue to offer industry recognized programs at our downtown Winnipeg Campus. Our aim is to provide affordable one year programs in Canada so that we are able to help our students in achieving their goals and land better, rewarding jobs. Whether in our classrooms, our labs or the community, students of Commonwealth College gain real-time experience while they graduate. This ensures that our students enter the workforce right after they finish their course.

We believe an education at Commonwealth College is an education without borders, because the world has changed, and so have we. We’ve re-created our College, giving us a unique position in the marketplace. And we are now prepared for the next set of challenges: to be more innovative and entrepreneurial; to further exploit the benefits of technology; to creatively engage our employees; to build more bridges with communities and employers; to see our graduates do meaningful work and have meaningful lives.


The Process

We offer instructor-led classes with training based on applying knowledge to practical situations. Our classroom environment is flexible to meet all learning needs and class sizes are small to allow for one-on-one assistance. Staff members with both educational and business experience are constantly in touch with potential employers to understand the immediate needs of the marketplace, so as to keep training in step with the latest trends in employer requirements. Evaluation consists of tests, assignments and final exams. Students must achieve a final mark of 70% in each course to pass.


Scholarship Opportunities

Pani Chintamaneni Memorial Scholarship


Pani Chintamaneni was the mother of Commonwealth Education Group’s founder—Vijay Chintamaneni. Pani was an exceptional mother, wife, and philanthropist. Born on September 25, 1945, in India, she started a number of charitable groups to raise money and help students afford post-secondary education.

Pani Chintamaneni was a huge believer in empowering people through education—especially skill-based education that led to meaningful employment. Her son, Vijay Chintamaneni, wishes to follow in his mother’s footsteps to continue her legacy to help students afford their post-secondary education at the following locations:

  • Commonwealth College (Winnipeg)
  • The Salon Professional Academy (Winnipeg)
  • Campbell College (Edmonton)

To honour her memory and her life-long dedication to education, 24 scholarships (8 per institution) will be awarded on an annual basis to those students who best exemplify the qualities and characteristics for which Pani Chintamaneni was known. Each scholarship of $500 will be presented to students on their graduation day based on meritorious responses received through the application form provided in the link below. Please note, students who qualify for the Pani Chintamaneni Memorial Scholarship must successfully complete their program(s) on the date specified in their contract.


Additional Scholarships

Your family may belong to companies, organizations, or unions that offer scholarships and bursaries to qualifying family members.

Tuition Bursaries

Commonwealth College’s tuition bursaries are non-repayable grants. Commonwealth College offers a number of tuition bursaries to new and returning students. Bursary amounts are dependent on the program of study and/or any special offers by the College. Students who wish to inquire about their eligibility should see their Admissions Counsellor.

To be eligible, the student must be a resident of Canada (excluding Quebec) a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident and enrolled as a full-time student at Commonwealth College.

Tuition bursaries must be used in a single academic year and for a single Academic Program. The bursary amount cannot be transferred if the student wishes to transfer from one Academic Program to another.

Tuition bursaries are awarded at the completion of the Academic Program and paid directly to the person(s)/organization that provided the funds. The student must have completed all coursework, practicum placements, exams, and have successfully graduated from the program. All fees to the College must be paid in full and all commitments of the student contract fulfilled.


  • IELTS overall: 5.5 (Min Listening: 5.5, Min Reading: 5.5, Min Speaking: 5.5, Min Writing: 5.5)
  • PTE overall: 54 Score.
  • TOEFL iBT: 78 Score (Min Listening: 17.0, Min Reading: 17.0, Min Speaking: 17.0, Min Writing: 17.0)


img 991 St James St, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0Z5, Canada, Canada

img Undergraduate -$16250

img Post Graduate -$0

img All Programs

Culinary Arts Diploma Program

img Tuition Fee : $ 17429

img UG Certificate/Diploma

img English Require : IELTS, TOFEL

img 1 Year 3 Month

Logistics & Supply Chain Management Diploma Program

img Tuition Fee : $ 18579

img UG Certificate/Diploma

img English Require : IELTS, TOFEL

img 1 Year 2 Month

Hospitality Management Diploma Program

img Tuition Fee : $ 12734

img UG Certificate/Diploma

img English Require : IELTS, TOFEL

img 1 Year 0 Month